Hi, I'm Rachel

Welcome to my blog where you’ll find yummy, easy meals and snacks that help us get through the work week. Being from St. Louis, we’re all about good food so get hungry! The midwest inspires most of my cooking-well that and my love for carbs and pork.

So who am I? My name is Rachel, a wife and mom of 2, a Production Director at Almanac and lastly, the reason you’re here, a recipe creator on the side. My love for food and cooking started before I had kids, I loved traveling and trying new foods, then whipping up something in my own kitchen from that inspiration. As most things do when you grow your family, cooking as a hobby paused. But I realized through the years, cooking brings happiness to my home and I want my kids to experience that, so here we are. I’m back and ready to share my journey and recipes with you! You’ll find recipes I’ve created, recipes by others that I love and everything in between. More about Rachel.

Featured Recipe

Chicken Parmesan

Breaded chicken and melted fresh mozzarella with warm marinara and parmesan. That’s what’s for dinner. You in?