Chicken Fajitas

The sound of a sizzling skillet and smell of delicious chicken fajitas on a weeknight in 30 minutes? Yes please!

Homemade Ragu Sauce

When I talk to people about how I make my own ragu sauce, I usually get an, “Oh man, that’s too much work” and honestly it’s not! Check out my easy recipe and you can have it whipped up in no time. Also- it’s great for meal prepping!

Chicken Parmesan

Breaded chicken and melted fresh mozzarella with warm marinara and parmesan. That’s what’s for dinner. You in?

Crunchy Clusters

When we’re craving a sweet treat and don’t have something on hand, these crunchy clusters are the perfect, quick go to! And I bet you already have most of these ingredients in your pantry!

Peanut Butter Pie

Whether you’re spending this Valentine’s Day with friends, family, your partner or alone with the best blanket and movie, this is the dessert that checks the box for all of those options! Peanut Butter Pie is easy, delicious and has the creamiest bite.

Spicy Chicken Sliders

Sometimes small, bite size dishes are the perfect thing for meal time–all you have to do is up the serving size! These Spicy Chicken Sliders are the perfect spicy and cheesy meal to bring a little fun to your table.

Chocolate Dipped Cake Mix Cookies

Valentine’s Day is inching closer and for someone who isn’t the best baker (me), these white chocolate dipped cake mix cookies are my go-to because they’re delicious and seasonally fun!

Super Bowl Appetizers

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday! What are your plans? If eating is the plan then check out these three delicious appetizers to bring to the party!

Chocolate and Popcorn Bars

With this week celebrating two of my favorite national food days: popcorn (19th) and peanut butter (24th), I’m sharing a dessert bar that includes both of these delicious ingredients.