Chicken, Bacon and Broccoli Alfredo

This has to be one of my favorite recipes I’ve ever whipped up. It’s pasta, steamed broccoli which is one of my favorite things, freshly fried and chopped up bacon AND it repurposes the chicken tenderloins I make here.

This is a great dish to prep on a Sunday and lasts the whole week. I really like the way the flavors continue to marinade together as it’s prepped in containers.

The key to this dish tasting fresh is not skimping on the ingredients, especially the freshly fried and chopped up bacon. I know it’s easy to want to get bacon bites and toss them in, but DON’T DO IT!

I do not make alfredo from scratch for this. I use Bertolli garlic alfredo. Delish!


  • Sautéed chicken tenderloins (I used 6 and diced them up as you can see above)
  • Steamed broccoli
  • 6 slices of bacon
  • garlic salt
  • basil
  • salt and pepper
  • Bertolli garlic alfredo
  • 1/2 package of egg noodles


  • Heat up 2 pots of water (salt optional) and once hot, stir in the egg noodles and boil under tender in one pot and add the broccoli to the other pot of hot water and boil under tender as well
  • While that’s boiling, cut your tenderloins into bite size pieces and cook them up with a seasoning of your choice. If you’re using meal prepped chicken tenderloins, then slice up into bite size pieces and set aside
  • Strain the broccoli and noodles
  • In a large skillet, fry up the bacon slices and dab them with a paper towel once cooked. When those slices cool down, dice them up into small pieces and set aside
  • In that same large skillet, fold in the noodles, broccoli, chicken, bacon pieces and pour one 15oz can of Bertolli sauce over the top. Stir to combine and cook on medium heat until everything is nice and warmed up
  • Serve immediately

And don’t forget to grab yourself a drink while you fix this up! This is a Saturday meal for me and I love enjoying a Cayman Jack Margarita while I spend time in the kitchen.

XO, Rachel

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