Bone-In Pork Chops with Green Beans and Potatoes


I was honored to be asked by the American Cancer Society to create a meal kit for their Farm To Table Metro East event this month. I wanted to share the recipe here as well for those who weren’t table to purchase a tote.

I partnered with all local companies for the ingredients in the meal kit because I wanted it to be something special for my hometown and to support those companies while we raised money for cancer research.

Companies I worked with:

recipes with rachel farm to table meal kit

Bone-In Pork Chops with Green Beans and Potatoes

Prep time: 15 minutes | Cook time: 45 minutes | Total time: 1 hour

recipes with rachel farm to table meal kit


  • 4 bone-in pork chops

Seasoning for pork chops: 

-2 tbs brown sugar

-3 tsp garlic powder

-1 tsp salt / 1 tsp pepper

-1 tsp chili powder

-1 tsp onion powder

-1 tsp cumin

  • approx 1 lb of green beans

Seasoning for green beans:

-2 tbs olive oil

-1 tsp garlic powder

-1 tsp onion powder

-¼ cup water

-salt and pepper to taste

  • a couple handfuls of small golden potatoes (I cook around 8 small potatoes for a family of 4)

Seasoning for potatoes:

-4 tbs butter

-2 tbs olive oil

-2 tbs garlic powder

-½ tsp cayenne pepper

½ tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

-1 cup shredded parmesan cheese

-3 tbs of olive oil, set aside


-Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. 

-On a baking sheet, assemble your potatoes on one side.

-Grab a knife and cut slices into the potatoes, ¼ inch apart. Don’t cut all the way through. You want them sliced deep enough to get the seasoning into the spacing, but keep the potato connected. These are called hasselback potatoes.

-Grab your butter and melt it in a microwave safe bowl for a few seconds.

-Stir in the olive oil, garlic powder, cayenne powder, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. Do not use the parmesan cheese and 3 tbs of olive oil at this time. 

-Using a spoon, distribute the butter mixture over each potato, making sure you get it into the slices.

-Put the potatoes into the preheated oven for 15 minutes. 

-While those are baking, put together the pork chop seasoning. Grab 2 tbs brown sugar, 3 tsp garlic powder, salt, pepper, 1 tsp chili powder, 1 tsp cumin and stir them together.

-Grab your 4 pork chops and coat each side with the dry rub.

-Once the potato timer goes off, add the pork chops to the other side of the baking sheet. Put the potatoes and pork chops into the oven for 15 minutes. Check the pork chops after 12 minutes so you don’t overcook them. Keep them juicy!

-While those are baking, grab a saucepan and get started on your green beans. Heat your skillet to medium heat and add 2 tbs olive oil. 

-Cut the ends off the green beans and toss them into the skillet. Give them a good stir. 

-Add 1 tsp garlic powder and 1 tsp onion powder to the skillet and stir it up. 

-Add the ¼ cup water to the skillet, stir and then put the lid on the skillet to let it all steam. 

-Stir every few minutes and once the green beans are almost to the texture you’d like, reduce the heat to low to keep them warm until the potatoes and chops are done. 

-Once the pork chops are done, pull them out and let them rest. 

-While the chops are resting, drizzle the olive oil over the top of the potatoes, sprinkle with cheese and bake them for another 5 minutes. 

-Pull the potatoes out and assemble your plate. Enjoy!

recipes with rachel farm to table meal kit



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