Salad for Days

Salads are very iffy for meal prepping if you don’t do it right! Some ingredients are great to stay combined for a few days, but some are not and need to stay separated until the day of. Below is a quick guide on how I manage salad prepping for the week, including my go to quick protein addition!

I like my salad to have variety so they don’t become a bore. Luckily, you can buy quite a few additions at the store that’s already ready to go– LIFE SAVER.

Here’s what I do on a Sunday before the work week. Also for starters, here’s my trusty salad container that I swear by.

  • I buy romaine lettuce, wash it and tear up
  • I add shredded carrots, sweet peppers, walnuts (or whatever nuts you prefer. I like a crunch!)

On the day of, I add in the items that don’t store well with lettuce for multiple days.

  • I add shredded cheese
  • Blueberries are my go to, but you can add chopped up strawberries, peaches, pineapple, apples. Whatever you like!
  • For dressing, I use fresh squeezed lemon juice right before eating, but obviously, use what you love. Balsamic Vinaigrette is also a great option that mixes nicely with the salty and sweet ingredients!

Now for the protein.

You can add any type of protein you like, but recently I’ve been loving a quick toss of chicken tenderloins in a skillet with olive oil and seasoning. It’s quick and they store nicely for a few days. Just grab those when you grab your salad, heat it up before slicing and toss in the salad then ENJOY!

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