Sweet & Salty Halloween Treat

Have fun with it!

It’s Halloween and that should be a reason in itself to make something creative for the parties you’re attending. The options are endless, and you want to bring the coolest thing. High hopes!

Then the day of the party arrives and you still aren’t sure what to bring and at this point, it’s more about what’s quick and convenient. Something hot or something cold? Decisions!

I like creative and room temperature, it’s easy and fun!

This year, I chose to throw together what I call a Halloween Mashup! 6 ingredients- BAM!

  • pretzels
  • bugles
  • M&Ms
  • candy corn
  • marshmallows
  • puppy chow (homemade or Muddy Buddies– whatever works for you!)

I hope you try it out! Share with me if you do. I love a good Halloween party.

Happy Haunting!


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