Allow Me To Introduce Myself, I’m Rachel T.

At 32, I feel like it’s time to officially launch this blog instead of simply posting my food pictures and recipes to my Instagram.

Most of the delay was caused by fear. Fear of the amount of work I thought this would take, fear that other people would be like, “oh this is just another wannabe chef on Instagram.”, but then something clicked. I thought, “Screw it!”. I love cooking, I enjoy passing along recipes, and I just love food. Who doesn’t? If you don’t- you are in the wrong place.

Working Mom Life

As a wife and working mother of 2 kids under 5, it was hard to get hot, delicious food on the table. I was heating up freezer aisle food, throwing something together that wasn’t giving my kids the nutrients they needed or I was driving through fast food places at the end of the week. Who had I become? I never used to be like this. I always loved to cook. So what happened?

Kids happened.

Being a mom is the best, but it becomes about survival to get through the week. You just want them to be fed when you’re walking in the door from work and that means whatever you can find in your fridge or freezer. About 6 months ago, I decided that I refused to be this person (Well as much. Let’s be real, it’s impossible to be perfect.) Cooking brings me so much joy and so it should be a priority in my household and I want to pass that along to my kiddos.

Insert blog. Welcome!

This isn’t going to be anything fancy. It’s going to be recipes I’ve created, recipes by other people that I love to make, tips, favorite products I use and best of all, it’s the holiday season and that’s my favorite time of year! I’ll share dishes, cheap ways to impress your guests, drink recipes (YASSSSS!) and I’ll throw in some other things here and there.

I’m all about weekday dishes being simple and delicious because yes, they can be both. It doesn’t have to be 80 ingredients for 3 hours.

Since this is a platform for all of us to connect and discuss food, let’s do that… let’s connect! Comment on my posts, email me:, or reach out on Instagram: rtritsch.

Let’s get cooking!


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